Ice cream and more

Imagine our life without Ice-creams. Oh, not at all. Life without ice-creams cannot be imagined in our wildest dreams. 51 Rainbow Ice-creams will conquer your every dessert dream and stir up oodles of happiness at every moment. While you swirl & twirl in the ocean of rich, thick and creamy milkshakes; take a dip in the chocolicous COLD COCO and allow yourself to simmer in the natural, fresh creams. Wait! There’s more to this heaven’s door – 51 Rainbow Ice-creams. When you step in, you shall experience the delight of ROYAL FALOODAS and AUTHENTIC LASSIS. Adding frizz to your heavenly adventure are the tantalizing mocktails. This yummy trail has more to offer. Going further, get set to pour your heart over sinful indulgence of live ice-creams and gluten-free scoops. Unload yourself with whipped toppings and nutty Sundaes.

Believe us,the treasure within this vault of heaven is HUGE. Where every coldest thing is made with warmth and a fire of passion.

Our blissful journey

Our sugar-coated, rainbow story started churning from the year 1985 by our beloved Abba Jaan – Mr. Abdul Razzak Patwa. He set up the little street shop of ice-pops; fondly called as “Baraf Ka Gola”. These juicy, delicious and colorful ice-pops were an instant sensation among the people of Surat city and we could find a queue of ice-pop lovers, waiting to grab their share. In summers, ice-pops were charting the list of desserts. Seeing such love and demand, in the year 1990, under the patronage of Navrang Ice-cream, he introduced Surat’s very 1st shop to sell “THICK SHAKES”. Does it ring-in some temptation? Sure, it does.

The pepped up new generation envisioned to introduce classier flavors with a zing of international twist. In 2006, Mr. Salman A. Patwa (a visionary son of Mr. Abdul Razzak Patwa) took over the reins and reintroduced the legacy under the brand name - 51 Rainbow ice-creams. Since then, the happiness doubled up, quality got seasoned and trust multiplied. New flavors were invented and our menu surprisingly kept increasing its enlisting.

2015, 51 rainbow marched ahead & splashed the sweetness across the globe.

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